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Angel Analysts  Research and Consulting is a full-service market research and consulting agency that carries out projects throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We operate within consumer insights, business to business, financial as well as healthcare research offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work for private sector clients, along with the public sector and other organizations.

Problem identification

Solutions only can help when you have identified the pain areas, we'll help you to identify those for your brand and products. 

Market research

We do extensive research about your brand and customers to understand their needs & expectations to help you out

interpret results

We do the data analysis for the collected information and transform the raw data into actionable insights for your business. 


Our Industry Experts not only guide you about the complete market research process but also remains a companion for the implementation strategy formulation for your brand.

The Industry is evolving everyday, don't you want your business to be a step ahead with Business Research Insights from Angel Analysts. We let you know about how the decisions are being made in your industry for different business verticals and not just the current trends but also about upcoming ones.

We believe Consumer is the king and they creates the brands so it's critically important to understand the needs and expectations of your consumers.  We interacts with consumers to understand their perception, spending habits, buying behaviour and preferences to help companies with consumer Insights.

Angel Analysts offers Quantitative Research with a purely business driven perspective, we deliver you insights not just numbers in the report. Partnering with Angel Analysts will ensure you're getting implemented quantitative research solutions that take you further with your decision-making.

Angel Analysts offers you the best practices for your Qualitative Research, we use good quality questioning techniques and projective techniques in group and depth environments. We don't intend to complete the scripts but to get into the world of the customer to access “here and now” of a decision. We will work with you throughout the research process to deliver insights you can use to direct future strategy

Angel Analysts help you to conduct research, understand, recognise and maximise the impact of your Advertisement.

From concept to execution, media planning and market performance analysis, Angel Analysts will help you to  measure people’s rational and emotive responses to advertising. We help you to track the effectiveness of your advertisement campaign and plan it more effectively ensuring better ROI always.

Angel Analysts combines process expertise with smart, powerful software to help you identify and maximise information about your workforce, customers, stakeholders and your business processes. We conduct all of our CATI, CAWI and Online Surveys in-house , followed by two quality checks to ensure we are not capturing just dull data  but insights for your business. Angel Analysts is covering North America, Canada, Countries from Europe & Asia Pacific for your business needs.

Here at Angel Analysts we trust only on data and that what we recommend to our clients too. We help you to analyse the data and derive actionable insights from it which would lead to be a vital component of your business decision making. Our data professionals  hails from research background which enables us to help our clients more efficiently.